Monday, 18 November 2013

About Me

If I had to sum myself up in 4 words, I would say: quiet, quirky, unique and creative.
But I don't have to use four words, so I'm going to write a whole post about myself. Yay!


Flo, Flo Flo, Peach

Favourite colours (yes I spell favourite and colour with a u):
Blue, yellow, purple. In case you're wondering, I extremely dislike certain shades of green and orange.

Things I like:
Reading and writing are my fortes. I like to blog (see my 30 day challenge thing) but when I'm lazy, I might just reblog some pictures on tumblr. My mum tells me off sometimes for doodling all over my Chinese notebook but I can't help myself. Occasionally I might go to the shopping mall with my mum for a bit of window shopping. I'd like to buy stuff more regularly, but I'd rather save up for notebooks to make collages in. I like listening to music too - I'm currently obsessing over Linkin Park, Green Day and Coldplay. What about my favourite food? Too hard. Food is my life and I love to nom on anything I can get my hands on. But I do like sushi a lot. And pasta. And macarons and cupcakes. And... the list goes on forever. My one weakness is chilli, I extremely dislike it and my eyes water (dead giveaway). Shh... it's a secret, don't tell Vincent.

Things I dislike:
Hypocrisy, lies, fake friends and heights. And snakes or lizards. Eww.

My favourite places:
London (my hometown), Beijing and Taipei. Coincidentally (or so I think), they are all places I have roots in. Even though I've never been, Paris is also one of my favourite cities because it looks so beautiful in pictures.
Closer to home, my favourite places are at the dining table (surprise surprise) and on my bed, gazing up at the white-washed ceiling and purple walls surrounding me.

Some more stuff about me:
I like to think I'm cute and sassy but nope I guess not then.

More me:
Tumblr (main)
Tumblr (second)

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  1. Hi flo,
    It's sreenidhi,
    I think I am going to tell vincent tomorrow that you do not like chillis!! ;-)