Tuesday, 18 March 2014

5,6,7,8. Favourite TV show, favourite movie, turning point in your life, favourite outfit.

I'm sorry for not posting but I suddenly realised how bad I am at drawing
I'm so sorry for doing this to your eyes

5. Favourite TV show
I really like Sherlock but since you've already seen the results of my attempt at drawing Benedict Cumberbatch I decided it would be better to "draw" a quote.

6. Favourite movie
Frozen is one of my favourite Disney movies to date, next to Mulan, Hercules and Tangled. So it makes sense that I would draw it. Excuse the arrow, I have an obsession with drawing them.
Such bad photo quality.

7. A turning point in your life
In case you can't tell, it's a plane transporting me from England to Singapore. 
This is even worse than the previous picture.

8. Favourite outfit
I actually have quite okay fashion taste but it's all way out of the price range of stuff I can afford. Which explains why I always wear t-shirts and shorts. People with extra clothes, please donate to me. 
Btw I'm wearing suspenders which are hand-me-downs from none other than my mum. *cue laughter from audience* I wear them to make statements that I wouldn't have the courage to say verbally. 
Yes, this fashion move is borrowed from the hipsters. They look cool okay? Don't judge me. 
Ouch you're judging me so hard. 
Hopefully there will soon be some prompts that I will actually be able to draw properly. 
I took observational drawing once, I want to know where my talent went. 

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