Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations

I swear I'm not dead. My blog has just been backtracked a bit with all the things going on at the moment - homework, tests (or "quizzes", as the teachers call them), projects, spirit week, sleeping, thinking, eating, drinking, etc, etc.

Prepare for word vomit (you have three seconds to click away if you dislike my word vomit posts).
Don't say I didn't warn you.

(I tried to separate this stuff into categories but it doesn't really make it better.)

Spirit week
So today was fictional character day and let's just say it was okay. I was going to be Daria because she's one of my idols (not sure if it's a good thing that my idol is an apathetic teenage girl who wears large glasses and combat boots, but oh well) and she's funny (but not that she tries to be, she just is). Then I realised I didn't own a black skirt, a green jacket or an orange shirt. Or combat boots. The only things I had in common with her were a)glasses and b)sarcasm. So then I tried to be Jane Lane and that didn't work either, so I ended up being Misty (If you don't know who that is, shame on you. Did you not have a childhood?)
I feel like my costume was good, but I didn't have a pokeball or a pokemon or red shoes. Or red hair. So a lot of people thought I was a minion. Which was... slightly infuriating, considering the fact I spent the majority of last night running around frantically trying to find something to wear.
But anyway - tomorrow is career day, and then it's colour day. For career day I'm going to be a spy, along with Anvita (http://musicandlemondrops.blogspot.com). Because I'm so mature. I'm probably going to end up sneaking around the school all day like a burglar. Oh well.

That stage between books is the most awkward thing to ever experience. There's a sort of nostalgia involved with the book you just finished, but at the same time you kind of want to move on. It's strange. I'm not sure if I like that feeling or not, it's bitter-sweet. Ehh. I am currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and it's one of my favourite books ever. I'm pretty sure that John Green is going to conquer the world and become supreme president dictator of earth through his books. But whatever. They're interesting.
For English we're supposed to check out at least two books to read during the holiday to combat this stage in between books (which I think is a good idea). Any suggestions are welcome.

Movies and going out
I have this urge to go shopping and watch movies and eat and have Starbucks with my friends over the weekend but there are two reasons why I can't: 1) I can't afford half the stuff I want to buy, 2) I feel guilty spending money (it doesn't matter whether it's mine or my parents) and 3) I also want to just stay at home and sleep and read blogs and stay in pyjamas all day. It's confusing.

Boys boys boys
Every once in a while you see one really, really good looking boy. And then your insides explode. This happens to me on an increasingly regular basis. The only problem is I'm too awkward to go say hi and they're probably a complete stranger to me. Which then makes my head and heart battle over what to do. Aka this happens:
Heart: Ahhhhhh catch me I'm fainting
It doesn't really matter though, because it's not love - it's just lust. And as soon as I look away it's as if they never existed.

Youtube is magical. There's so much stuff there - from DIYs to book/product/game/movie reviews to vlogs to sketch comedy... there's something there for everyone. Which is actually a problem for me since I have so many interests.
The related videos section doesn't help either - click click click click and the next thing you know it's midnight and I should probably go to sleep if I don't want to look like a zombie the next day.

note: I do not edit word vomit posts so if there are any typos or grammar mistakes, now you know why

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