Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The end of life as I know it.

So, this is it - the end of seventh grade. I can't say I didn't see it coming, but I certainly wasn't expecting it to come so soon.

The past few weeks have mostly been uneventful. Class has been spent wrapping things up, returning textbooks and/or library books, watching movies, playing games, and having the occasional crisp. Om nom nom.

This year has been one long journey for me. From getting closer to my class in Sibu to hurling accusations at other people during mafia, I really have started to feel secure next to the people around me (and I'm not just saying that). It's almost (*almost*) a shame to have to move on now, especially since it's going to take me another 12 months to feel a connection with my mentor group next year.

Before the school year truly ends, I'd like to thank the following people (even those who probably don't read my blog):
- All my teachers, for the knowledge I now hold inside my poor, tired brain.
- All my friends, for putting up with my stupid questions, bad jokes and awkwardness.
- Everybody in my mentor group, for making me feel like I belong.
- Anybody who has ever heard me tell a joke or sing, for putting up with the pain.

During the summer, I plan to read, write, blog, sleep, and eat 10x my body weight in food. And watch television (I may or may not be planning to re-watch Sherlock for the 4th time).

With this post, my year in grade seven comes to an end. Here's to many happy memories next year.

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