Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 16 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I am falling behind. I started last year and I'm supposed to be done, but nope. Day 16.
I promise to write everyday, but I don't. I need to copy maths notes from when I had crate-stacking. And I need to practice a piano piece for music.
I guess there's no better time to write than now, now that we've been given some time in English. So here we are. I present to you:

Day 16: What are your five greatest accomplishments?

  1. In the summer of 2012 I went to a writing camp at the Dover campus of our school. The first few days were hard since I didn't know a single person there, but in the end I made a few really close friends. The camp also prepared me for what I would later learn in sixth and seventh grade (to be honest, I didn't want to go at first because I thought I had better things to do and it seemed kinda nerdy, but then I am a nerd so it's fitting). All the pieces I wrote (short stories, poems) are still in the notebooks I used, so I can keep them for publishing later (or world domination). 
  2. I managed to keep a diary for a year. Although in movies every girl has their own diary (preferably pink with glitter, unicorn and butterflies), diary-keeping is hard. Sometimes you don't have time to write, or you don't have anything to write. So writing something in there every day is quite hard to keep up with and eventually people will just give up. Actually, it's kind of like this blogging challenge *ehem*. 
  3. Speaking of perseverance and writing something everyday... I am now on day 16 of the 30 day blogging challenge. I'm almost two thirds of the way through :)
  4. I managed to survive the mile run in PE last year. A mile might not sound like much, but if you're a fatty like me it's practically a death sentence. However, I can now run a mile much faster than before (8 minutes - shush, that's totally not slow) and I have started tennis in the hopes of getting fitter. 
  5. I'm running a blog that currently has had 1067 page views. It's kind of nice to know that I'm writing stuff people want to read and enjoy reading - it brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. 
This post was really hard to write - I couldn't think of more than 3 accomplishments. 
What are your greatest accomplishments? And can you run a mile faster than me? I bet you can't

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  1. I actually run a mile slower than you! I ran it in 9 minutes last year and I'm so relieved that we don't have to do it in fitness this year! I really hope you enjoy tennis since I already am doing it and I find it really fun. I think Trisha would have some great advice on that too.

    The only accomplishment that I am really proud of is that I played the piano for 8 years without quitting, but I'm not really the best at it!

    I really enjoy reading you posts since I can relate to most of them.